The Art of Astrology at ArtSpace

This group is not running at present

Astrology picture

We will be exploring our birth charts and horoscopes through art.  The first session will be expressing the qualities of our Sun signs.

These workshops are suitable for experienced and complete beginners to Astrology or Art.

The workshops will follow a pattern of a brief introduction to the Astrological subject and the connection with each person’s chart followed by plenty of time to create.

Participants will have free choice of materials available at Artspace or may bring your own.

This course is led by Deborah Maw, a qualified Astrological Counsellor of 20 years, teacher and artist.

Free to Friends of Artspace

The sessions are free, but a donation to Artspace is appreciated.

Sessions will be held at roughly monthly intervals: This Group is not running at present



For further information, contact Deborah on, or on 07949965842



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