Quarterly Gathering – Celebrate 1 year at the Mill!

ArtSpace 1st Birthday Gathering

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ArtSpace has now been in its Heapy Street premises for a whole year and we’ve come a long way in that time. Come and join us there on Tuesday 9 September, 7-9pm, to celebrate with cake and punch! See a review of what we’ve done so far, hear about exciting new upcoming projects and funding, and find out how you could make the most of the opportunities ArtSpace offers. The event will be the first of new quarterly Gatherings, open to anyone who is involved or just interested in ArtSpace.


Upcycle a chair!

ArtSpace has been donated a number of fine chairs, which we are offering for sale at £25 each. The frames are in good condition, but the fabric is slightly faded in places. However, see picture for how good they can look once recovered! Our friend Jennie Gaywood has done a fantastic job of giving this one a new lease of life: “2 1/2 metres fabric, a staple gun and a curved needle and thread. Lots of pins and a few hours of toil whilst watching Wimbledon, hay presto ! A new chair!”

Anyone like to have a go at doing their own? The chairs are on display (and on sale) at ArtSpace.

Summer Holiday Art and Craft Workshops

Summer Holiday Art and Craft Workshops @ ArtSpace

Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th July,

10am to noon and 2pm to 4pm:  There will be a range of activities at each session suitable for ages 4 to adult tailored to the range of ages and abilities booked in for that particular session.   Children under 11 and those who might need assistance should be accompanied by an adult.

The Morning session on Wednesday 30th July is now fully booked.  If you have contacted me by phone and not had a follow up text back from me please text or email again to confirm your session.

printing blocks

juggling balls

The workshops are Free however must be booked  (if booking on the day of the workshop please text)  and we would appreciate a small donation to cover the cost of materials.

Lift available for those who cannot use the stairs.

Contact Jane by texting  07709591703 or email to janemhowie@hotmail.co.uk to book a place.

Barnaby Parade 2014

Many thanks to all who helped to make this year’s Parade such a success! If you didn’t get to see the Parade (always difficult if you’re in it!), you can now watch the whole thing thanks to YouTube:

Congratulations to the winners of the best entry awards for this year:
MADS – best adult entry
Sea Scouts/St Michael’s – best children’s entry
Mill float – best community team effort

ArtSpace presents a Mannequin and Mask Making Workshop

On tomorrow Folks, Still time to book places, and if you can’t make all day, why not just come to the Mannequin making  demo at 10am or the Mask workshop after 12 noon

 June 8th 2014 @ArtSpace

10:00 till 14:30,  £10 per head or £7 for Friends of ArtSpace.  Bring a packed lunch, hot drinks available.

10 till 12 Stephanie Ramage will demonstrate a simple technique for making a Mannequin using an existing Tailor’s dummy as a mold.mannequin 6

Use as a tailor’s dummy or turn into a piece of art!

Mannequin 3 Mannequin 2

12 till 12:30 break for lunch.

12:30 till 14:30 Mask making workshop, African masks with John Hartshorn and simple Carnival masks with Jane Howie.

We will end the session with a brief African Drumming taster .

Please contact Jane at janemhowie@hotmail.co.uk or on 07709 591703 to book a place.




Banners for Macclesfield


 Over the last nine months a group of local people have met at Macclesfield Community ArtSpace in Sutton Mill, Macclesfield to create a 12 foot triptych of three Banners in a wide variety of textile techniques – embroidery, appliqué, quilting and stump work. The finished pieces are now on display in St. Michael’s Church as part of the Barnaby Art Trail, and will head the large Barnaby Festival Carnival Parade this Saturday 21st June.

The 3 Banners show landmarks of Macclesfield, the Silk Industry and many of the town’s colourful characters of the past. The initial idea came from Jill Maguire, a member of Artspace who has spent many years as a painter and weaver, and has worked on many Community Arts projects in Cheshire (Nantwich, Northwich, Sandbach, Congleton, Bollington ), but never in her home town of Macclesfield. The group she gathered together, while not professional needle-workers, have gained in confidence using textile techniques over the months to produce work of a high standard, and this has been evident as work on the banners progressed. They are on view in St Michael’s Church in the Market Place until June 28th, after which the group hope they will become a travelling exhibition in different venues around the town, finally settling into a permanent home for display to the public.

The  Textile Group plans to stay together after this project and welcomes new members. Anyone interested is asked to contact Jill, artscps@talktalk.net or ring Jill on 01625 432437


Stephanie working on the banners

Stephanie Ramage at work on one of the banners


Late May Update on Banner Project

The first banner is almost complete and for some of us, our sewing machine skills are developing quickly too.  The second banner is well on the way; all the panels are finished and now we are putting it together; that’s stretching sewing skills considerably.  Two new volunteers. Lynn and Karen, have joined us to work on a panel for the third banner and the rest of us are stitching/bond-webbing like mad.  Monday night’s session was well attended; Glen, Patty, Rosemary, Beverley, Lynn and Karen, Andy, and myself concentrated on production, ably assisted, advised and encouraged by Jill.

Heather Delaney





Update on Banners project

The banners are making very steady progress; the first one of the three parts, depicting local places and buildings in and around Macclesfield, is almost complete.  Panels have been completed for the second banner and we are beginning to attach the panels to the backing fabric.

We bought the backing fabric last week are now putting together the second banner, and would certainly appreciate any outstanding pieces bringing in, also an update how some of you are progressing with the third one. It’s that ‘all hands to the pump’ time where we only have 6 more weeks to complete the project ready to be used in the Parade and also to hang in St Michael’s Church. Over these remaining weeks there will be some extra sessions as we will need to be at the Mill for the piecing together and sewing.


Stephanie has offered to stitch our signatures on fabric which will be sewn and  hidden inside one of the banners for posterity sake, so it would be good to have those too very soon.


Many people are involved; some attend regularly on Monday Evenings (7 to 9) and Wednesday afternoons (2 to 4) at Artspace.  Anyone who wishes to contribute as we work hard to complete the banners is very welcome to come and join in.

Written jointly by Heather and Jill

Banners 1

















Tea and Talk

1st Sunday in the month from October,

4 – 5.30p.m @ ArtSpace.

Next one Sunday 2nd November

A chance to sip tea out of a proper cup and eat delicious home-made cakes in great company. Half way in there will be a short talk – next time it’s

‘Deaf Awareness’ – a presentation by sign language native Lisa (accompanied by an interpreter).

 £3 per person to help fund Artspace


Includes 20 minute talks by various speakers on huge variety of interesting & entertaining topics


Previous talks:

5th October : “How to play the Harmonica or do absolutely anything” with Liam Ward

July 6th: History through a Window by local historian Matthew  Hyde.

June 1st – Telling tales by story-teller Lavinia Murray


 http://www.rigel.org.uk/ , http://www.twitter.com/astromeg


Here are some words from a participant:

How very English – afternoon tea (Earl Grey no less), lashings of cake and cream plus a scientific discourse to stimulate the grey matter.  Not the Lit and Phil or the Royal Society but the May “Tea and Talk” at Macclesfield Community ArtSpace.

Dr Megan Argo, astrophysicist from Jodrell Bank (megan.argo@gmail.com and @AstroMeg) amazed and wowed us with a brief traverse across the universe taking in the processes of stars being born then dying and galaxies forming and then colliding all with some stunning illustrations from optical and radio telescopes – our heads were spinning (like the stars it seems) – only the tea and cakes kept us down to earth!

We were assured that although our own sun will die and the Milky Way (our very own galaxy) will collide with the Andromeda Galaxy (yes, we’re doomed, all doomed!) we have anything between 5 and 10 billion years to wait – so no need to programme it into your Smart Phone just yet !

Quite apart from all these long term hazards there is also the not impossible prospect of falling into a black hole (all galaxies have one at the centre) so there is no escape even if we master intergalactic space travel.  We face the prospect of being stretched to infinity in a few seconds – the trick is apparently to just stay at the rim of the black hole and not enter it…..simples…..all we need is a Tardis !

After all that astrophysics the tea and cakes were devoured with enthusiasm born of genuine scientific inquiry – something to do with mass, gravity and (Art)space.

Macclesfield Community ArtSpace