Macclesfield Potato Riot 13th April 1812: Re-enactment April 13th 2017

Sadly we’re not re-enacting the potato riot in on April 13th 2018, however there will be a Potato riot section in the Barnaby Parade on Saturday June 16 2018, come and play 🙂
On April 13th 1812 there was a riot in Macclesfield.  You can read about the original riot on the Luddite bicentenary website,  13th April 1812 Macclesfield Potato Riot
On April 13th 2017  Macclesfield Community Artspace is staging a re-enactment which will be a free street theatre event
of the riot followed by a ticketed public feast in the Market Square with the fabulous Sheelanagig performing on stage.
Visit the dedicated Macclesfield Potato Riot Website to find out more.

Tickets for the Feast are £16 and are now on sale on the potato riot website.


Macclesfield Community Artspace, 2nd floor, Heapy St, Macc SK11 7JB.