ArtSpace Groups and Activities


Regular Groups and  Activities

Mondays 7-9pm:   So Creative (daughter of Banners)    Now investigating all types of puppet making!

Art Appreciation Group: This group meets every 6 weeks or so at 7.30 on a Monday evening.  Each meeting we have a word or theme and we’ll look at art works we’ve found that relate to it.  Next meeting:  Monday 9th September 2019 at 7.30 pm.    This month the topic is Animals (interpret that however you wish!!).    Bring a piece of work (on a memory stick or in a book) if you can, but if not just come along anyway and see what everyone else has got.

Tuesdays     12-5pm:  Creative Tuesdays drop in, come and  help with our latest project, join in a small informal making session, or work on your own project.  

Tuesdays 6:15 to 8:00pm: Fabric Fanatics – open sewing/textile group, all welcome whatever your level of skill, knitters and crocheters also very welcome as Knitting Nancy visits us at intervals to help us with our yarn skills. 

Tuesdays 6:15 till 8:00 Creative Card Group

Home Ed are having a summer break and not running in August (Thursdays 10.30 till 13.  Home Ed Art Group – restricted session, children and their accompanying adult only, please check before attending).

This Session is  having a summer break till September (Thursdays 7pm till 9pm General drop in session and Makers’ Thursdays hosted by IDST.)

For more details of any of the above, email us at, phone 01625 440694  (Please leave a message if we are not around – we check it during duty sessions) or find us on Facebook: Macclesfield Community ArtSpace


  1. Now that the Barnaby is finished for 2016, would you please confirm if the other activities are current. Thanks

    • Hi Dorothy, sorry it’s taken a while to reply. I’ve now updated the relvent pages. Check out the opening time page for current activities and opening hours and our events page for the Autumn Programme.


  2. most charities work on the basis that they want your time and if they can not have your time they want your money that is why I think that art space is unique they are more flexible and understanding which has been of great benefit and I think it does help too build a decent or good reputation and hopefully that will reflect on the reputation of the community and likewise create a good name in turn for Macclesfield and like a ripple effect can spread across borders and divides.

  3. I would like too draw the community art space but wondered if anybody else had attempted this already as there is a photograph of community art space I know people try too resemble or draw as accurately as they can portraits but I suppose a problem not being able too remain seated thanks I know artists who are well known favour poses of people sitting in chairs thanks Simon Cope have seen this too be the case in books from the library.

    • Sorry I’ve only just seen all your messages Simon – I’m replying to the ones that might still be of use to you. Thursday afternoons from 12 noon till 5 are a drop in session, people come and work on their own things or ArtSpace projects. Sometimes there is a Free Hearty Arty art session which Patty runs and you would be most welcome to join in with. Next one is on August 3rd 2017 at 3pm. Regards Jane.

  4. On the council it mentions give this page a rating of either good ok bad rating and they say how many stars would you give them like a five star rating I do not think that system has been used too rate art with a prefix or intension too buy it five stars is always seen as good or the best and you can not exceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the five, thanks again Simon Cope.

  5. too answer Jane who asked me what I would like too do with my art work I am just use too putting them in the bin and the dustman would probably know if they were any good as a council worker and if they needed any think doing with them on coronation street they said how intelligent dustmen were and I know a lot of them come from the armed services as they like the pay and the hours.

    • Hi Simon, we have roughly one walk a month, on a Saturday morning, usually from ArtSpace, very easy and lasting 1 or 2 hours. I don’t have a date for the next one, however if you are following us on twitter, there will be a tweet soon about August and September dates for Hearty Arty walks and Artsessions. Regards Jane

  6. is there a walk planned in the near future putting on weight can be a problem other wise they did have weight watchers at the library and has Macclesfeild an official walking group where age is no barrier.

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