We ♥ ArtSpace – The Fabric Stash, Part Deux (Duh?) Monday March 25th

We started a new initiative in the Autumn to get our space clearer and easier to use, sadly creativity is a messy business and we have no staff to clear up after us!  We ♥ ArtSpace will run at roughly monthly intervals.

We have started tackling the Monstrous Fabric Stash! We need to ride the momentum so we thought we’d squeeze in another We ♥ ArtSpace before the end of the month. As there are no sessions on a Monday we thought we’d make the whole day available from 10.30 onwards but don’t worry – we’re not expecting anyone to be there all that time! Just come if and when you can and feel that smug sense of achievement when you see the fabric all organised and colour-sorted (ish…)

You are invited to our forth session on Monday 25th March from 10:30 pm till 3 pm.  Come and get stuck in to some serious Cleaning, Sorting and Organising.  We’ll smooth the path with music, good company, a good brew and Cake!

Last time we turned this:

into this:


And Tim made great progress in the woodwork area:

Thanks to Tim and Jane for the pictures 🙂


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