We ♥ ArtSpace goes forth! Thursday March 7th 1 till 4 pm

We started a new initiative in the Autumn to get our space clearer and easier to use, sadly creativity is a messy business and we have no staff to clear up after us!  We ♥ ArtSpace will run at roughly monthly intervals.

You are invited to our forth session on Thursday 7th March from 1 pm till 4pm.  Come and get stuck in to some serious Cleaning, Sorting and Organising.  We’ll smooth the path with music, good company, a good brew and Cake!

At the first one there was lots of laughter, music, endless brews and not one, not two, but three lovely  Cakes!  After Take II, we had a bottomed out Kitchen, Cafe, Washroom and toilets.  The third bite at the ArtSpace Apple continued the good work and branched out into the sewing room, with the So Creative group having a good sort through.

For our fourth session we’re hoping to do regular boring but essential cleaning of the kitchen and cafe and also to focus on the Fabric shelves and tubs and have a really good sort out.  To do this we really need your help, however little time you can spare.  Please come along if you can (did we mention there will be Cake?  )

After the first sessions we’re starting to reclaim the floor, however there’s a long way to go to get from this:

to what we started with 5 years ago, on balance though I think we’ll be keeping the kitchen! 🙂

In the Beginning

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