We ♥ ArtSpace: 26th October 2018, the first of many!

We’ve started a new initiative this Autumn to get our space clearer and easier to use, sadly creativity is a messy business and we have no staff to clear up after us!  We ArtSpace will run at roughly monthly intervals.  Next one Thursday 15th November 1pm till 4pm.

Today was the very first We ArtSpace:  a determined team of over 15 people showed their love for ArtSpace and got stuck in to some serious sorting, cleaning and organising (and horror of horrors, chucking stuff away!!).

There was lots of laughter, music, endless brews (and lovely soup, thank you  Janet!) and not one, not two, but three lovely  Cakes!

A mega mega thank you  to Henshaws Envirocare Ltd for donating a maxi skip to ArtSpace to help us with our clear out.  There were those who thought it would take all weekend to fill it, no, we did it in an afternoon!!

Now look at our lovely space, still loads to do, however we can see the floor.

Thanks to Tim for the pics 🙂

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