ArtSpace AGM and 5th Birthday Party Tuesday 18th September 2018 7pm

Hi Folks

We moved into our Heapy street premises in September 2013 and this will be our 5th AGM.  We couldn’t have got here without our lovely ArtSpacers.

Meetings can be a bit boring and some of us are having to go to a lot of them while we work together to make Artspace better and continue to achieve more.  So we intend to try and make the business side of meeting for the AGM short and sweet, and then get stuck into celebrating our 5th birthday and exploring the magnificent ideas and activities that will take us towards a great future.

Please come and join us on Tuesday 18th September at 7pm at ArtSpace.  As part of the evening it is planned to have a “brainstorming” to look at the future development of ArtSpace and The Print Mill.  So we invite you all to come along with your ideas for exciting possibilities of what we could be doing.

All welcome, more details to follow, however there will definitely be cake!!

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