The March of The Artists arrives in Macclesfield on 30th July 2018

The March Of The Artists arrives in Macclesfield

Monday 30th July


Macclesfield Event: evening/night-time walk through Macclesfield

followed by post-walk gathering at ArtSpace.


The March Of The Artists is about visibility:

Unveiling the artists behind the art.


Join The Artists on a night-time walk visiting locations of significance around Macclesfield Town Centre. Come and share your stories about art, walking, photography, Macclesfield! Be a part of this month-long artwork.

Meet at 8pm in the Market Place


The Project:  In 1817 around 5,000 Lancashire spinners and weavers set off walking from Manchester to London with petitions for the Prince Regent about the desperate economic hardship faced by the textile industry in Lancashire. Approximately 500 made it to Macclesfield and it is thought that only one made it to London. This became known as the March of the Blanketeers.

Inspired by this march, and driven by the current movement of artists out of the city and a concern that this will reduce visibility, a core group of three artists will be walking from Manchester to London in August.

Lauren Sagar (visual Artist), Eve Robertson (theatre-maker) and John-Paul Brown (photographer) will follow the 250 mile route intended by The Blanketeers, making their first stop in Macclesfield.

Instead of petitions they bring stories and testimonies gathered from interviews and debates. During a night-time walk through the town and a hot-chocolate fuelled post-walk gathering at ArtSpace, the discussion will continue with those who choose to join them.

“Like The Blanketeers, artists are in a moment of evolution. The displacement of the city’s artists due to intense property development is stimulating a number of artist led projects to become autonomous and sustainable. This is our way to create some change.”


Twitter: @CallForCloth


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