April Potato Riot Actor’s workshop changed to Tuesday 4th April

Stop Press!

Next week’s Potato Riot Actors’ workshop has been changed to Tuesday 4th April 7pm at ArtSpace.  There is no rehearsal on Wedneday.


Rehearsal SCHEDULE (the order of information is Date, Activity, Focus of research, Cast required)

Tuesday 4th April – Finalise the “scenes” 1+2 – make sure things are ready for performance – Maggoty, Ned Ludd, Magistrate, Potato Sellers, Militia and anyone else who wants to join in (all children please!)

Sunday 9th April – Full run on site – Everyone who can make it!!!!!


We need actors to come along to a rehearsal ASAP  and extras to let John ( sambajohn1@ yahoo.com ) or Sam mail@sam-redway.co.uk know they are coming and then come to the rehearsal or the dress run through if they can

Sam is looking for 2 more people (at least) to be potato sellers and 1 more militia man (can be woman). there are also positions to be filled as cavalrymen(or women) who won’t be on horse but will be swelling the ranks of the cavalry at the end.

We also need more “bystanders” “rioters” “shop keepers and their families/staff” .   Sam says that it will be absolutely possible to be more than one sort of character.

We still need 50 more actors/ extras to dress in regency costume and be part of our 1812 market/ riot, if you fancy joining in the mayhem (Potatoes will be thrown) then contact Sam mail@sam-redway.co.uk and let him know, please also say what sort of character you would like to be.

There are  lots of different characters, some speaking and some not, so there should be something for everyone. Sam Medway will be leading the sessions and helping to get people into the right role for them.

Do invite friends and family to get involved too as we still need lots more community actors and extras.


A bit of background information:
On April 13th 1812 there was a riot in Macclesfield.  You can read about the original riot on the Luddite bicentenary website,  13th April 1812 Macclesfield Potato Riot
On April 13th 2017  Macclesfield Community Artspace is staging a re-enactment which will be a free street theatre event
of the riot followed by a ticketed public feast in the Market Square with the fabulous Sheelanagig performing on stage.
Visit the dedicated Macclesfield Potato Riot Website to find out more.
Don’t forget tickets for the Feast are now on sale on the website.
Macclesfield Community Artspace, 2nd floor, Heapy St, Macc SK11 7JB.

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