Hearty Arty Open Meeting: Thursday 2nd March 3pm at ArtSpace


OPEN MEETING: THURSDAY, 2ND MARCH 2017 – 3p.m. at ArtSpace

Find out more * Contribute ideas * Have a go!

This is about doing more physical exercise and feeling happier!

It is for anyone who wants to feel mentally and physically fitter and likes art.

It is NOT for experts in anything!

Walking         Eating                        Arting             Exercising    

Talking          Stretching     Feeling

Future events and activities will run throughout the week but will mainly be on:

THURSDAYS  3 – 6p.m.
SATURDAYS 10a.m. – 1p.m.

Come and be part of it!



A bit more about the project

We’re  really pleased to announce a new initiative at ArtSpace, Hearty Arty. Please see the details below and let us know if you’d like to get involved in any way:

Hearty Arty is Artspace’s latest project to support people’s well-being. It uses art to encourage physical and mental fitness and explores the connection between them all. Activities will be a combination of art and fitness – but the fitness aspect will be very gentle and mainly walking – with a bit of good food included. It will include regular walks with an artistic theme and explore different types of artistic expression based at Artspace.

Expertly led gentle fitness support and exploratory art sessions, samples of food and guided local walks will be available and a counsellor will be on hand for general and specific support.Everyone is welcome to join and we especially welcome anyone with vulnerable mental health or prone to loneliness or anxiety.

We also need people who can offer support on the walks, in the art sessions or in producing and advising on good food. If you have an empathetic ear, relevant practical skills or are just happy to muck in wherever necessary please let us know by emailing us MaccCommArtSpace@mail.com or leave a message on our answerphone 01625 440694

The project will run throughout the week but most events will happen on Thursdays and some Saturdays starting in March 2017
Look forward to seeing you Hearty Artists!

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