8 sleeps to the Awesome ArtSpace Christmas Party: Thursday 8th December 2016

ArtSpace Christmas Party 2016

 Thursday 8th December 7 till 11 pm @ ArtSpace

Only 8 sleeps folks, tickets are the same price as last year: £15 and are availableat ArtSpace.

There will be Live music from  Lonesome George and Sambamba, the usual super Buffet (this year we’re hoping to include hot food), cash Bar, Party Entertainments and Cake (there’s always Cake at ArtSpace!)

So get out your glad rags and dancing shoes  and start practicing shapes to throw on the dance floor!  Be there or be somewhere else 🙂

For tickets, email us MaccCommArtSpace@mail.com, or drop in to ArtSpace when we’re open and leave your name, contact details and £15 per person with any of the duty volunteers.

If you want to guarantee sitting with your friends let us know asap and we will reserve you a table.

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