Hidden Loss Exhibition Free Launch event tonight 4th November 2016

Free launch event :Friday 4th November  5 – 8pm,

come and join us for some liquid refreshment and cake.

If you can’t make the 4th then the exhibition is up until the 18th November.  We are open usual ArtSpace hours and a little bit extra over Remembrance weekend

The works in this mixed media exhibition are the fruit of the ArtSpace  Hidden Loss Project.

The project, prompted by the 100th anniversary of the first world war, takes a different perspective on WW1, exploring less commonly noticed impacts of war: The Hidden Losses.


Exhibition opening hours:

Mondays 7th and 14th November 7 – 9pm

Tuesdays 8th and 15th November 12 noon – 9pm

Wednesdays 9th & 16th November 2 – 4 & 7 – 9pm

Thursdays 10th & 17th November 1 – 5pm

Fridays 11th & 18th November 2-4pm

Saturday 12th  Nov 12 noon – 2pm

Sunday 13th Nov 12 noon – 2pm

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