Macclesfield Potato Riot presentations: Wednesday 28th September and Tuesday 4th October

On April 13th 1812 there was a riot in Macclesfield.  You can read about the original riot on the Luddite bicentenary website,  13th April 1812 Macclesfield Potato Riot
On April 13th 2017  Macclesfield Community Artspace is staging a re-enactment which will be a free street theatre event
of the riot followed by a ticketed public feast in the Market Square with the fabulous Sheelanagig performing on stage.
Visit the dedicated Macclesfield Potato Riot Website to find out more.
The plan is in place and the band is booked. We are now holding a series of open meetings to raise awareness of the event and to recruit the hands that we need to make it all happen. Whether you are up for being Stage Manager, helping to set up the feast, building props, being an actor in the re-enactment or any of the hundreds of roles that will help to make this one of the towns premier events we’d love to have you on board. Why not come along to one of the open meetings just to find out what’s going on.
We are holding a presentation to introduce the event at 7:30 on Wednesday 28th September repeated at 7:30 on Tuesday 4th October at:
Macclesfield Community Artspace, 2nd floor, Heapy St, Macc SK11 7JB.

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