Unleash Your Writing Power


With Judi Goodwin, Saturdays 22nd and 29th October 2016, 9:30 am to 5 pm

As a special favour to ArtSpace the workshop is available at the bargain price of £90 for the two days (please ask about concessions).


Inspirational writing workshop to unblock the barriers to your creativity. Builds confidence and fluency in an atmosphere of fun and discovery.  An energy booster for all types of writing including fiction, journals, memoirs, life experiences, family history, articles and blogs.  Suitable for all levels of writing ability. Beginners particularly welcome.

Come and discover skills you already have (but don’t know it!) on this two day work

You will learn how to:

  • Lose your fear of the blank page
  • Make writing an enjoyable, fun experience
  • Write with increased fluency and ease
  • Gain confidence and avoid writer’s block
  • Write as easily as you speak
  • Communicate from the heart

Judi Goodwin is a full time trainer and coach with a background of over 30 years as a features journalist. She believes people learn faster when they’re having fun and many of her previous students have now published books, articles and blogs. She brings a whole person approach to learning, empowering her students to write with creativity, confidence and enthusiasm.

For bookings or more details contact John on 01625 440694 or 07522019454 sambajohn1@yahoo.com or Judi Goodwin at unleash@judigoodwintraining.com or 01625 439000


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