Two more points of the La Lune star

On Wednesday two more points of the Star were reaching their final stages.

The group led by Patty Callaghan exploring Loss, were decorating their star point with images and text.

IMG_1488 IMG_1489

Later on St Paul’s Beavers, who have been working with Diana Hamilton came to see their star point.  I asked one young gentleman, how they had made the exciting traces below.IMG_1481

Apparently the tracks are the orbital paths of painted marbles, rolling inside containers against the dark of space.

The children have also been screen printing spacy inages down at the Print Mill on Mill street.  IMG_1478

The Beavers have added more shiney stars to their screen prints and started sticking their creations onto the star point.  We’re looking forward to the finished point!

La Lune

Barnaby Festival presents its biggest ever theatre performance, a magical family show The Astronomer’s Story on Sat 18 and Sun 19 June. Christ Church, Macclesfield is transformed into the secret laboratory of a mysterious astronomer who discovers the secret of bringing the moon and stars down from the heavens and fills the town with starlight. But the town is in great peril because he doesn’t know how to send them back. Will you help him?

The Astronomer’s Story is the gateway to the La Lune adventure, where the families of Macclesfield are called upon to save the town!  The ‘spellbinding’ 45 minute show runs at 10am, 11.30am, 2pm, 3.30pm, 5pm and 6.30pm on both 18th and 19th June. TICKETS £6 (limited number for Macc residents), full price tickets £8. Don’t miss it!

The story of La Lune continues during the week with lots of FREE La Lune events check out for details

La Lune culminates in

 La Lune: The Moon Rising

On Saturday June 25th 8:45 pm till 9:30 pm

The spectacular culmination of the week long La Lune adventure.   To save the town and make the moon rise, bring your friends, bring your families, bring your stars to Christ Church lawns. Our astronomer may return, bringing amazing sights to behold – but only if the whole town gathers.

Stay up past bedtime, just this once, because curious and beautiful things can happen as the summer sun sets…

Macclesfield Community ArtSpace is pleased to be working with Wild Rumpus on a Giant Star to be part of the The Moon Rising, come along on the 25th June and see what we’ve been up to!

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