Barnaby Parade Brief – Space 2016


 18 th June 2016  1 pm
Macclesfield Town Centre


Through Outer Space and Science Fiction to
Inner Space and Space for Living

Enquiries:  Creative Director  John Hartshorn  mobile  07522 019454

Registration and enquiries ( form at bottom of this brief):
Parade Coordinator Louise Lewis

Workshops every Tuesday from 1pm – 9pm and other times by arrangement (You are welcome to come and work on your costumes and floats whenever we are open)

Macclesfield Community Artspace, 2nd Floor, The Arsenal, Sutton Mill,  Heapy Street, Macclesfield , Cheshire SK11 7JB
(Lift available; Parking at rear)

Now is the time to start to plan,  to build and to fashion costumes, floats, giant puppets, banners; to form music, dance and expression. We will show the world we have awoken and that we are a place of creativity – an Arts’ Space.

The Headquarters for our army of artists and crafters is Macclesfield Community Artspace where you can find resources, ideas, help and support for your group to take part in Macclesfield’s finest showcase

The Barnaby Carnival Parade 
What does SPACE mean to YOU?

  • Is it astronomy, planets, rockets, moon-landings and sky?
  • Is it the stuff of science fiction? Storm Troopers, Darth Vader, Aliens?
  • Extra Terrestrial Adventures and Doctor Who?
  • Do you think of physical space – parks or cleared forests? Spaces for certain people or animals; spaces for particular activities?
  • Or is SPACE something less tangible, more esoteric – the space in your head or your heart? The space you find in silence or contemplation?

Whatever you create there is Space for it in the Barnaby Parade – and remember that parading is all about using the space – making your constructions large, loud, full of movement. We want to fill the space in varied ways. This year we will particularly look to use the space in the streets imaginatively – so as the parade passes expect the unexpected.

Space Cadets and Seasoned Campaigners are welcome to get involved.

 We need lots of volunteers to take on special roles in the parade


Volunteers on the Day
No time beforehand but still want to take part? – WE NEED YOU!!
 We need LOTS of flag wavers and banner bearers – we will provide you with a costume and props. You just need to turn up at the appointed time to get costumed up and find your place in the Parade!
Register your interest by emailing and we will keep you informed.

 Groups of musicians
Are you happy to dress to suit the Parade theme and play while walking?

We can help you with costumes, you need to  Register your interest by emailing and  John will ring you for a chat. We would like variety in the Parade – anything from Kazoo to Bass Trombone is good with us as long as you can keep moving . Can you sing? Can you play percussion? Make your own instruments from junk – we can help you! All types of sound and music welcome. We can help you to make a banner to publicise your group.

Groups with floats and banners
 Community Groups, Schools, groups of friends, neighbours, colleagues who have an idea and would like help to make it happen.  You need to  Register your interest by emailing .

We can work with you and your group at our workshop and can supplement this with visits to your school, work or meeting place if needed. We can provide you with the materials plus support you to make a float and dress your characters, we have fabric and sewing machines for making costumes and banners. There will be no cost to you except your time.

Dancers, Gymnasts, Sports Enthusiasts
If you are in a group that does something  active and you want to take part in the Parade, get in touch!  Please REGISTER with us. John Hartshorn has some great ideas to help you with costumes and show off your skills.  You can bring your own music too. We can help you to make a banner and some costumes to publicise your group.


REGISTRATION FORM at the bottom of this brief

For all participating groups, the Parade Team will provide information and support in the run up to the Event. Timings and assembly instructions will come much nearer the time, however you need to be assembling an hour before ( ie 12 Noon) behind Macclesfield Town Hall.  Your float will need to be in situ by then. Paraders do not park at the assembly point, access roads will be closed earlier in the day for safety reasons.

The Parade Workshop is run by Macclesfield Community Artspace volunteers, we are here to inspire you! Our team are an inclusive and friendly bunch who come from all walks of life and bring a wealth of practical experience.  Our building  is fully accessible via a service lift and our key staff are DBS compliant. We have a fabulous open space in which to work and chat plus tables, chairs, sofas, coffee and tea facilities for when you need a rest….plus loos of course.

Registration Form.

Please cut and paste into an email to



Group Name Name of main contact Contact email Contact phone Numbers and age range


A brief description of your group.




At this stage we are not at all worried about sections and trying to catagorise everything, it’s more about the ideas that come from you and your groups!


One last thing  – NO LIVE ANIMALS or MOTORIZED VEHICLES in the Parade         (except Mobility Scooters)


Any thoughts? Give John a ring  07522 019454 or email

Want to be in the Parade? Please register with Louise use the form above or send us a mail.

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