ArtSpace Christmas Tree for the URC Festival

This competition is now closed – results follow soon 🙂

The URC church (opposite Wetherspoons) in Macclesfield holds a Christmas tree festival each year and ArtSpace has been invited to submit an entry this year. They liked our unusual design of robins on a snow covered wizened tree last year and would like us to come up with something equally creative. We’d like people to submit design ideas (be as creative as you like) for a decorated tree and then we’ll choose one. Our choice will be based on:

a) unusual design
b) availability of materials (cost effectiveness)
c) our ability to make the design into a 3d object at ArtSpace

A diamond encrusted platinum cone with gold and silver decorations might qualify as an unusual design but sadly would not get past criteria b and c! So think carefully about your design.

Once we have the design ideas and have chosen we will start making and want to involve as many people as possible in the process. It may be that a couple of people create the tree and others create decorations.

Time is short. The festival is open for viewing from 10:00am on Weds 9th December until Sunday 13th December
The set set up day is Tuesday 8th December. So we need your design to be in by Tuesday 10th November.

What we need – a sketch (we won’t judge your drawing skills) of your tree design with notes about the materials used, colours and decorations.

* It must be a decorated tree or an interpretation of a tree of some sort.
* It must somehow relate to Christmas.
* Max 2mtrs tall and 1mtr wide.

Your design idea must be with us by 9:00pm on Tuesday 10th November. Drop your design into the Digital Art Room at ArtSpace, give it to an ArtSpace volunteer, e-mail it to

For further information call John on 07522 019454 or e-mail or see any ArtSpace volunteer.

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