2 Years at the Mill and Space 2016

On Tuesday 20th October, at 7pm we’re celebrating our second birthday at the mill and launching our activities for next June’s Barnaby Parade on the theme of Space.

Come along to ArtSpace and see how you or your group can get involved both in the 2016 parade and in other ArtSpace projects and activities.

We need input in many different areas.  We want to inspire you and be inspired by you.  We are starting to work on ideas for costumes and “floats” and making a wish list of materials that will be needed such as “spacey” fabrics.

Come and have a chat over a drink and piece of cake.

A special plea from John our parade leader

“I build carnival floats for the Macclesfield Barnaby Festival parade. 
I want to build bigger and better so I’m looking for an electric powered vehicle to pull a lightweight trailer float. Old golf buggy or works vehicle. It only needs to work for one day per year and not at all worried about appearance. Any ideas anyone?”

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