ArtSpace at the March 29th Treacle Market

At the Treacle Market on 29th March, SketchCrawl restarts and we have an ArtSpace Makers’ Stall.  Look for us in the Churchyard!


The ArtSpace Fabric Fanatics Group have organised an ArtSpace Makers Stall for the March 29th Treacle Market.  The group will be selling their work and donating at least 20% of the price to ArtSpace.

If you have any work you would like to sell to benefit ArtSpace, please contact Rachael or Jane.   Leave a message here or find us at AerSpace: Jane is usually at ArtSpace on Tuesday afternoons, Rachael and Jane are there on Wednesday evenings 7-9pm).

If you have multiple items to sell we would appreciate your help on the stall, even if it is just for an hour.  If you have a single item we will be happy to sell it for you.

All items must be labelled with the Artist’s name, price and the percentage of the price that is to go to ArtSpace (must be at least 20%).  Items should be left in the boxes on the labelled table at ArtSpace by Friday 27th March, please do not bring them along on the day.  Unsold items should be collected from the same place the following week.

Sketchcrawl takes place on Treacle Sunday, the last Sunday of the month.

We meet near the Town Hall at about 10 am but if you like a lie-in and want to come along later just look out for people drawing and they can direct you to Patty who will have sketchpads and pencils for anyone who just rocks up on the day and fancies having a go.

People can roam round the whole market and draw whatever takes their fancy, either lots of quick sketches or a more sustained drawing.

We usually gather together about 12 and go for a brew and a ‘show and tell’.  It’s good fun to chat about what everyone has done and compare notes and most people enjoy that social side of it.  The whole session is very friendly and informal – why not come along and have a go?

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