Any old iron – or goggles or clocks or corsets…?

You know that tin that you have in the shed or garage that has all of the bits and bobs of broken things that you were going to mend but never got around to it? Well we’d love to take it off your hands and use the contents to make beautiful artwork. Old door locks, bits of plumbing, broken watches or clocks, damaged jewellery, that bit of metal off that thing that fell off the wotsit called, bits of engine, chain or whatever – we can use almost anything!
Please just give me a call on 07522 019454 or drop me an e-mail at and I’ll arrange to pick it up.
John Hartshorn – Macclesfield Community Artspace.
PS don’t worry about giving your tin of stuff away – you can start a new one straight away.

More things we could do with specifically for the Barnaby Parade 2014:

Any leather or leather look items
Motorcycle gear
Goth clothes
Over coats
Hats of all kinds
Ball gowns
Wedding dresses
Black trousers
Boots of all kinds
Leather gauntlets (even single ones)
Canes and walking sticks
Old clocks or anything clockwork (broken is ok)
Bits of filigree or brash jewellery
Any type of fancy dress items
Any military or other uniform items
Clean overalls
Belts and braces
Guns and swords
Old style suitcases and interesting bags
Any kind of character clothing or accessories.
Corsets and bodices
Dress gloves
Any Victoriana
Buttons of all types
Badges, brooches, pins and medals
Sashes and braids
Umbrellas and parasols
Clean Workwear
White shirts and blouses

And anything else that could be used for costumes or accessories.
We’ll make sure we get good use out of anything donated.

Please ring John Hartshorn on 07522 019454 or mail

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